Dreaming of the Year of the Dragon

Jeonnam Dragons are tightening their soccer shoes to mark the Year of the Dragon.

Professionals’ performance is marketing. When they get good grades, spectators naturally gather. However, if you look at Jeonnam’s recent moves, it fell short of fans’ expectations.

South Jeolla Province, which marks its 30th anniversary this year, has announced a drastic change. Its biggest goal is to promote K-League 1. To this end, the new catchphrase is “Winning South Jeolla Province, Dragons Together.”

“For professional teams, performance is the most important thing. At the same time, a professional team is a member of the local community. As a member of the local community, we discussed with the staff what professional teams would do for the region and had discussions with the coach. We decided on the catchphrase of the Dragons to strengthen social contribution activities and become one,” said Kim Kyu-hong, president of South Jeolla Province who was newly appointed early this year.

For the “winning Jeonnam,” the team has stepped up efforts to strengthen its power in the transfer market. It recruited Flaka and John Montano to replace existing foreign players. Cho Jae-hoon and Lee Sung-yoon doubled their side mobility.

“Not only the Korean team but also the local people are desperate for promotion to the K-League 1. When forming the team, it was not possible to bring in billions of players due to the team’s financial conditions, but after consulting with the team, the team has strengthened the resources that I want. In particular, the team’s physical and tactical completeness have been enhanced through the winter training. Above all, there was no major defector due to injury variables,” Lee said. “We have made smooth preparations for the season.”

“Flaca and Montano have been assigned to various positions. Through a practice match in February, I think I have found a place that fits me to some extent. Players including coaching staff are also expected to have a good performance this year. I look forward to seeing good results,” he said.

Outside the ground, they are conducting external activities for the Dragons Together. They visited local welfare centers for the disabled and senior welfare centers to provide food service.

Last month, it signed a business agreement with Gwangyang Police Station to support youth culture and build a safe society for the vulnerable. In February, it will be accompanied by a welfare center for the disabled so that they can improve welfare for the disabled in the local community and become healthy members without being marginalized. In addition, it held business agreement ceremonies with Gwangyang City Football Association and POSCO Football Association to develop local soccer and create a soccer boom.

Starting with the Gwangyang Youth Chamber in March, volunteer activities for social welfare facilities, sisterhood relationships with local soccer clubs and athletes, and visits to local elementary, middle and high schools are scheduled. More than 200 social contribution activities and fan-friendly events are planned annually.

President Kim Kyu-hong said, “We will strengthen our substantial contribution activities to become a club that communicates with the region.” In order to increase the number of spectators, we will increase exchanges with various social organizations in the local community to attract voluntary participation. We will induce interest through sisterhood relationships with Rotary, Lions, and Youth Chamber. In particular, Jeollanam-do is the 30th anniversary of this year and the Year of the Dragon. That is why the secretariat, Minister Lee, and the team will do their best to make it the year of the Jeonnam Dragons.” 안전놀이터

Local communities are also responding to Jeonnam’s aggressive moves. Local opinion leaders and regional-based companies, including lawmaker Seo Dong-yong, Gwangyang Mayor Chung In-hwa and Gwangyang City Council Chairman Seo Young-bae, joined the procession to purchase platinum cards and season tickets. Social organizations such as Suncheon Cheongam High School, Youth Development Association and the City Sports Council also sent messages that they would visit their home stadiums with their members and promote “naming day” with support.

Jeonnam will play against Cheongju in North Chungcheong Province in the first round of K League 2 at 4:30 p.m. on March 2 at Cheongju Stadium. Attention is focusing on whether the team will be able to fill in the first step for emergency. The team will play its second round home opener against Gimpo FC at 4:30 p.m. on March 9 at Gwangyang Football Stadium.

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