I waited for 3 hours on a bus in Seoul…”KIA Director Lee Beom-ho, cheers!”

There was a group of students that stood out.

As I approached them, they were wearing red hats and laughing about the Kia Tigers. “Are you friends?” I asked, and they replied, “We met for the first time today (the 21st).” They are united by KIA even though they have never met before.

Cha Young-woon (high school 2), Kim Min-joon (elementary 6), and Hwang Yoon-tae (middle school 3) were present at the KIA team’s return from Australia on the 21st. In particular, Kim Min-joon and Hwang Yoon-tae traveled to Incheon International Airport together, unaccompanied, using public transportation. The team left the departure hall at a little after 8 p.m. They left home at 3 p.m. and waited at the airport from 5 p.m. onward. That’s more than three hours of waiting.

“I’m Kim Do-young!” he replied, quickly identifying the “Gwangju Idol” as his favorite. Kim fell in love with Kia last year while watching baseball on television with his father, who is from Gwangju. Cha Young-woon, who played baseball until middle school, likes Kia catcher Han Seung-taek because he used to be a catcher.

They came to the homecoming game not only to see their favorite players, but also to see the “golden homecoming” of the new KIA manager.

“Coach Lee Bum-ho was a very good ‘legendary’ hitter, so I think he will be able to raise the players well,” analyzed Cha, who was a baseball player himself. “I heard that he was a good player when he was on active duty, so I think he would be good at leading a team,” said two others.

They didn’t follow baseball much or weren’t KIA fans when Lee was playing (2000-2019), but they already knew he was a “legend” from YouTube, Instagram, and articles.

“Do you think Kia will win?” I asked. Being a fan, I expected him to say, “Of course they’ll win,” but instead, he said something more sober. “Umm… I think they’ll make it to the postseason.” Last year’s sixth-place finish was fresh in their minds.

“I think the foreign pitchers will do well,” Cha said. Will Crowe is a good pitcher who played in the major leagues, so I have high hopes for him.” When I asked them 메이저사이트 where they get their information, they said they get it from YouTube and Instagram. I realized once again that there are many young fans who absorb information from new media.

Still, their pure love for Kia was boundless. Kim Min-joon, who wore a hat with pitcher Lee Yi-ri’s autograph, said, “I hope our KIA players will fight and win the Korean Series. Coach Lee Bum-ho is also going to win!” he smiled shyly.

After a long wait, they got what they wanted. Along with the team’s autographs, they also got an autograph from Lee Bum-ho. Showing off the autographed ball they received from outfielder Choi Hyung-woo, they waited patiently for Lee to finish his interview with the press before getting their autographs. It was the first ‘precious autograph’ Lee received on his first homecoming after being appointed head coach.



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