‘Billiard Emperor’ Kudrong exits Korean stage…

Frédéric Kudrón (BEL)’s application for a temporary restraining order against the Professional Billiards Association (PBA) has been dismissed.

The PBA Secretariat, the professional billiards association, announced on Nov. 21, “The preliminary injunction application filed by Mr. Kudrong with the Seoul Central District Court regarding his participation in the PBA Tour was dismissed on Nov. 17.”

Kudrong, who was nicknamed “Billiard Emperor” by many in the professional billiards scene, left Korea after the second tour of this season after his contract talks with his team, Welcome Savings Bank, broke down.

At the time, Kudrong expressed his desire to compete in the PBA Tour as an individual instead of playing in a team league.

However, the PBA Secretariat refused, stating that “players who are drafted by a team must sign a player contract with that team, and if they refuse to do so, the PBA may restrict their eligibility to play on the individual tour.

In response, Kudrong filed a preliminary injunction with the Seoul Central District Court to allow him to play in the PBA’s private tour, but the court sided with the PBA Secretariat.

The 50th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court dismissed Kudrong’s request for a preliminary injunction to participate in the PBA Tour, stating, “The PBA Player Registration Regulation is an internal regulation designed to establish matters related to the registration of players in the PBA League and matters necessary for its implementation, and it is difficult to view it as a provision that has lost significant validity in the eyes of society.”

The court also considered Kudrong’s status in the professional billiards world, the course of the contract negotiations and the circumstances surrounding the breakdown of those negotiations, the content of Kudrong’s demands, and the nature of the PBA league.”

Kudrong, along with Daniel Sanchez (Spain-Eswai), Dick Jaspers (Netherlands), and Torbjörn Bromdahl (Sweden), dominated the world billiards scene in the 1990s as the “Three Cushion Kings”.

Since the inception of the PBA in 2019, he has been active in South Korea, where he has won a total of eight titles and lived up to his nickname of “Billiard Emperor.

Kudrong became the first player in professional billiards history to surpass 1 billion won in total prize money when he won the second tour this season.

However, his re-signing with the team fell through after a dispute with the organization over payment, as he refused to play in the PBA team league, which features female players.

Kudrong posted on social media last month, “It’s unfair that I can’t go on a solo tour just because I’m not playing in the team league. I hope to see my Korean fans again,” he wrote on social media last month. 파워볼사이트


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