‘Declaration of Retirement’ Jeong Chan-sung “Thank you for loving ‘Korean Zombie'”

Korean Zombie Jung Chan-sung (36), who is leaving Octagon, thanked his fans.

Jung Chan-sung lost KO to Max Holloway (USA) in 23 seconds in the third round at the main event of “UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs Korean Zombie” held at Indore Stadium in Singapore on the 27th.

After the game, Jung Chan-sung said in an Octagon interview, “I’m going to stop now. I was the one whose goal was to be a champion. I thought I could beat Holloway sincerely, and I prepared without regret. “I think it’s time to stop beating the top ranker,” he said, announcing his retirement.

Jung Chan-sung thanked his fans by announcing his retirement once again through his social media (SNS).

Jung Chan-sung said, “I didn’t achieve everything, but I achieved enough.” I’m trying to stop it because it seems like greed to want more,” he said, adding, “I’m grateful to everyone for being loved enough for what I’ve done.” “I’m relieved and relieved because I don’t think I’ll live a life of being evaluated and compared anymore,” he said.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do in the future, but I’ll do my best and work sincerely.” “Thank you so much for loving Korean zombies,” he said. “I was really, really happy while fighting at UFC.” Holloway, who was my last fight partner, was an honor. Let’s greet each other with a bright smile someday,” he added.

Jung Chan-sung left a record of 7 wins and 5 losses in UFC, and he has also made several names in UFC history. In his UFC debut against Leonard Garcia in 2011, Jung Chan-sung recorded a victory with a twister (spine twist). This is UFC’s first victory in the Twister submission.

In December of that year, Jung Chan-sung defeated Mark Hominick in seven seconds to make his name known as a representative UFC player.

Since then, he has consistently played as a strong UFC featherweight and has been the first Korean player to compete in two title matches, showing his presence as a fighter representing Korea.

When Jung Chan-sung announced his retirement, Holloway, his opponent, said after the game, “I was lucky enough to win. “It is an honor that he was Jung Chan-sung’s last opponent,” he said.

Other UFC players also applauded Jung Chan-sung’s retirement. UFC superstar Conor McGregor (Ireland) said, “It was a great advance for zombies. “I was able to see Jung Chan-sung’s class,” he said.

Iar Rodriguez (Mexico), ranked second in the featherweight rankings, cheered for Jung Chan-sung, saying, “I hope the martial arts legend will have a happy retirement.” Charles Oliveira (Brazil), a former UFC lightweight champion, said, “Korean zombies are truly legends. “I hope you enjoy your retirement,” he said. 스포츠토토

UFC also said on social media, “UFC’s legend.” “I commend you for your amazing career,” he said, giving his final greeting to Jung Chan-sung.

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