Why the Korean Sports Federation…Football Association controversy again

The men’s national soccer team has finalized its 22-man roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games, 토토 with Kim Tae-hyun replacing Lee Sang-min, who was dropped for a previous DUI conviction.

But in the process, the Korean Football Association has been in the news again.

With the first match of the Asian Games men’s soccer team less than a month away, the name of the replacement player was revealed from an unexpected place.

“(It’s been over a month since we asked if Lee Sang-min could be replaced…) The organizing committee was able to confirm the roster, so he was replaced by Kim Tae-hyun last weekend.

The announcement of the roster was not made through the Korean Football Association, but at a media event held by the Korea Sports Federation a month ahead of the Asian Games.

Last month, the KFA included Lee Sang-min, who was ineligible for the national team due to a drunk driving conviction, in the Hwang Sun-hongho squad, but then backed out after criticism.

We asked the KFA if it was possible to find a substitute, and they said they were waiting for an answer.

However, it turned out that the KFA had already been silent for over three days after being notified that the substitute had been approved.

In response, the federation explained that they were coordinating when and who would make the official announcement.

The KFA, which was previously criticized for its clumsy administration and lack of information because it was a second-tier league, was once again criticized for its handling of the substitute player announcement.

In the midst of all this, Hwang Sun-hong, who is looking to win his third consecutive Asian Games, was initially able to go into the tournament with a ‘full’ roster of 22 players.

However, with key player Lee Kang-in out with an injury, and other overseas players such as Jung Woo-young still unable to confirm their participation, Hwang’s worries are deepening.

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