Kyunghee University’s Ma Yun-seo returns from injury, but his journey is just beginning

“We will do better in Goseong.”

Kyunghee University concluded the Danyang Tournament with a 3-2 (25-20, 25-20, 23-25, 25-21, 15-13) victory over Chungnam National University on Monday at the Danyang National Sports Center in Danyang, South Korea.

Kyung Hee University was led by senior outside hitter Ma Yun-seo’s 31 points, including five blocks, as she returned from injury to lead the team to victory. She was followed by Park Ye-chan (senior, 200 cm, OP) with 17 points and Lee Jung-min (junior, 188 cm, OH) with 13 points. 파워볼게임 Decision-making at key moments

“The first and second sets went so well that I thought the match would be over quickly,” said Ma Yun-seo after the match. “In the third set, my reception was a little shaky and it was messy,” she said.

Kyung Hee University’s attack success rate dropped significantly due to the shaky reception. In the third set, their attack success rate was only 30%. As the offensive avenues were blocked one by one, the patterns became monotonous. “In the first and second sets, we had a lot of plays where we covered each other and helped each other out. In the third and fourth sets, the connection was shaky, so we couldn’t attack,” he said.

Ma Yun-seo was in good form until she suffered an ankle injury during practice and was sidelined for a while. After a disappointing first half of the U-League, he focused on rehabilitation. “I worked hard on my rehabilitation to come back quickly. I’m not completely recovered yet, but I’ve improved a lot and I’m playing a little bit,” he said.

Ma Yun-seo played little by little at the Danyang Games to improve his senses. In her final match against Chungnam National University, she made her presence felt once again. Was she satisfied with her performance? “I think I did well in this match,” she said, “but I had just come back from injury, so I had a physical burden. I felt like my stamina decreased with each set. I want to try to go to the fifth set with the same performance as the first set.”

Kyung Hee University concluded the Danyang tournament with a match against Chungnam National University. “It was actually a tournament with many regrets. It became difficult to advance to the main round, so we decided to laugh together and have fun in the last match. I want to strengthen my will once again and prepare for the Goseong Grand Prix,” he said, showing his senior year.

Finally, he said, “Actually, it became difficult to advance to the quarterfinals when we lost to Sungkyunkwan University. As we are in the same group in Goseong, we will manage well, practice hard, and definitely advance to the main round,” he said, showing his strong will. Although his journey in Danyang has come to an end, it will be interesting to see how Ma Yun-seo will perform in Goseong after returning from injury.

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