SSG wins 10th inning on rookie Park Ji-hwan’s walk-off hit after almost being victim of the biggest call of all time

SSG Landers Field in Incheon, South Korea, hosted the 2024 KBO League matchup between baseball clubs KIA and SSG. In the bottom of the ninth inning, with the score tied at 6-6, SSG made their final offense. With runners on first and second, Lee Ji-young singled to left, which could have been the game-winning hit. Heredia, the runner at second base, raced home with all her might and slid across home plate. Kia’s left fielder, Socrates, threw home to end the game. They were almost in sync, but to the naked eye, Heredia’s run across home plate looked a little faster. Confident that he would score the winning run, Heredia went through the motions. Kia catcher Han Jun-soo’s last hope was to tag Heredia as he was celebrating, as Heredia had not crossed home plate.

Umpire Ji-woong Ham ruled that Heredia was tagged out. Umpire Ham saw that Heredia didn’t touch home plate while sliding. A video review was desperately needed, but the SSG bench had already exhausted their two review opportunities and were unable to request a video review. The original call was upheld and the game went to extra innings, but a slow replay showed that Heredia had swept past the end of home plate. It was a huge call that stole the game for SSG.

In professional volleyball, umpires can request their own video review when a touchout, in/out, or net touch is in doubt. There is no such rule in the KBO. According to the rules, umpires can only request their own video review for home run batted balls or infield shift violations. Since the umpires were not authorized to request a video review for a safe/out at home plate, they had no choice but to uphold the original ruling. The call was made in what could have been a game-winning situation, but in the end, the game went to extra innings.

In the bottom of the 10th inning, SSG ended the game, as a loss in extra innings would have been too much to bear. SSG put runners on first and 바카라 second with no outs on an infield single by leadoff hitter Oh Tae-gon and a throwing error by KIA third baseman Kim Do-young. SSG’s bench opted for a sacrifice bunt to put runners on first and third, but Choi Min-chang’s sloppy bunt was caught by Kim Do-young, who was shifting to the KIA defense, confident of the bunt. First and second base. Just as the team’s mood turned cold, SSG had a hero. Park Ji-hwan hit an RBI single to right-center field. The Kia bench appealed for a video replay, but it was determined that Oh Tae-gon was faster than the runner at second base, giving SSG a 7-6 victory.

Park Ji-hwan, who saved SSG from the brink of defeat on the day, is a rookie who made his debut this season. Park, who joined SSG this year as a first-round pick out of Sekwang High School, hit a game-winning triple over the center field fence with runners on first and second in the bottom of the eighth inning off KIA closer Jung Hae-young with SSG trailing 4-5. Park had one of the best days of his career, going 3-for-5 with three RBIs, including the game-winning hit.


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