Tottenham’s loanee has performed so well that ‘there will be players left

It is a harsh reality. It is not certain whether Tottenham Hotspur F.C. will continue to play for the team despite the remaining recruitment of Timo Werner 28. Tottenham has not made a decision to recruit him.

The British court offside quoted transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano as saying on Tuesday that Werner has yet to decide whether to stay or not. Romano said, “I’m sure Werner will stay at Tottenham. But Tottenham will decide what to do at the end of the season, not now,” adding, “Tottenham will probably discuss around May. Werner is happy at Tottenham, but it’s up to Tottenham.”

Werner was hired by Tottenham Hotspur through the transfer market last winter. Although he was a former member of the German national team, he had shown lackluster performance at Chelsea England and RB Leipzig Germany over the past few years. It was true that there were concerns over Werner’s transfer. However, Werner has been performing well. He has two goals and three assists in 10 league games this season. Another advantage is that he plays all positions including front line and side.

In addition, Werner is expected to remain with Tottenham. However, Tottenham is showing a cautious attitude. He said he would push the button for recruitment after considering everything. If Tottenham decides to sign Werner, they will only have to pay £15 million W25 billion in transfer fee.

Earlier, Court Offside said, “Tottenham will fully recruit Werner only if it advances to the European Champions League.”

This season, Tottenham ranks fifth in the league with 17 wins, six draws and seven losses 57 points. Aston Villa, which ranks fourth, has 18 wins, six draws and eight losses 60 points. However, Tottenham had two fewer matches than Aston Villa and is thus capable of turning the tables on its own. Tottenham is committed to winning a berth to the European Champions League within the top four. Tottenham’s entry into the top four also became important to Werner, who wants to completely transfer to the club.

“Werner is happy at Tottenham and wants to be with the club,” the court offside said. “Unfortunately, this is not Werner’s decision. Tottenham will want to be absolutely certain that it is the right decision before signing Werner.” 온라인카지노사이트

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