A witty Tottenham coach “If only I had a joystick”

‘Competition for 4th place’ Tottenham ends in a 1-1 draw with West Ham Coach Postekoglou attracts attention every day with his ‘spoken words’ at press conferences
Postekoglou Tottenham manager

Coach Anzhi Postekoglou, who leads Tottenham Hotspur, Son Heung-min’s team, once again made fans laugh with an interesting statement at a press conference.

Tottenham drew 1-1 with West Ham United in the 31st round away game of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) held at London Stadium in London, England on the 3rd (Korean time).

Brennan Johnson scored the first goal 5 minutes after kickoff and seemed to be taking the game easy, but failed to score 3 points by conceding a set piece in the 19th minute of the first half.

Even after conceding the equalizer, Tottenham continued to take the lead and look for scoring opportunities, but the winning goal was rarely achieved.

Coach Postekoglou expressed regret at the post-match press conference, saying the players lacked “clear judgment” while attacking.

When reporters asked why there was a lack of clarity, he replied, “Because players are people, and this is soccer.”

He continued, “Sometimes I want to manually place the players where I want them with the joystick, but that’s impossible. My role is just to help them get to the right spot.”

This means that there were quite a few disappointing scenes that made me want to move the players myself as if I was playing a soccer video game.

Although he openly asked the players to move more cleverly in the opponent’s danger zone, he said it in an indirect way with humor so as not to offend them.

Coach Postekoglou also said, “There were scenes where the ball, which could have been a goal, was missed because the players were not where they should have been. This problem needs to be resolved.”

Coach Postekoglou, who took command of Tottenham ahead of this season and entered the EPL stage, the world’s best soccer league, is showing off his presence with outstanding speech as well as his leadership skills.

At the pre-match press conference held the day before this game, he tactfully asked a reporter’s question, “Do you think Manchester United (Man United) is also a competitor for fourth place?” by saying, “Can we say that we are competing with Manchester City?”

As of before the 31st round, 5th place Tottenham was ahead of 6th place Manchester United by 8 points, and the gap between Tottenham and 3rd place Manchester City was also 8 points.

If you think that Tottenham is competing with Manchester City for the championship, it means that Manchester United can also be seen as continuing to compete with Tottenham for fourth place. Of course, the opposite interpretation is also possible.

At a press conference last month, when a video of Tottenham players having fun having a company dinner was released on social media, Coach Postekoglou was asked, “Did you attend the dinner too?” and responded, “The reason the players looked fun is because I was there. “Because it wasn’t there,” he answered, making fans laugh.

Coach Postekoglou is a man of great standing, starting as the coach of the Australian professional team, and then moving on to the Australian age-group national team, the A national team, Japan’s Yokohama Marinos, and Scotland’s Celtic, all the way up to the head coach of the ‘big club’ Tottenham.

He is known to be good at motivating players in the locker room through speeches so that they can exert as much energy as possible on the field. 토토사이트

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