Declares War At Manchester United, ‘Juventus-Liverpool Target’ Gets £51M Talent

Manchester United has made a decision. It is playing for Tenn Kopmeinners Atalanta.

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on Thursday that Manchester United is eyeing Kofmeyers. The transfer fee is around 51 million pounds.

Born in 1998, Kofmayr left Alkmaar the Netherlands through the summer transfer window in 2021 to wear Atalanta’s uniform. He has been showing off his talent by representing the Netherlands at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Kofmeyers is said to be preparing for a new future. “I told the club that I want to leave the team this summer. There was specific interest from Napoli Italy last season. However, the two clubs failed to reach an agreement. I hope there is an option to consider this year. I am enjoying Italy, but I think I can withstand the rain from England. It would be a lie if Juventus Italy and the English Premier League EPL said they were not interested. I read the news, too.”

Italian media outlet Gazeta delo Sport said, “Kopmayr’s transfer fee amounts to 51 million pounds. Manchester United is showing interest. It has been increasing interest since January. Manchester United has been making efforts to recruit Kopmayr. Manchester United is also exerting efforts to recruit Kopmayr. The move is due to the competitive interest of Liverpool and Juventus. This is due to the players from Atalanta who are currently playing for Manchester United. Ahmad Diallo transferred from Atalanta to Manchester United in 2021. The transfer fee was 19 million pounds. Rasmus Hoirun joined Manchester United for 72 million pounds this season.”

Kofmeyers used to play as a defensive midfielder but has been playing in a single position this season. He scored 10 goals and three assists in 25 Serie A matches in Italy and 12 goals and four assists in all matches. The Sun said, “Manchester United’s spending power will depend on the sale of players. If some players are sold, Manchester United will be able to recruit Kofmeyers.” 토토사이트 추천


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