Ronaldo, Disqualified from Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo Al-Nasr has been disciplined for acting strangely during Lionel Messi Inter Miami era.

“The Saudi Arabian Football Association’s Disciplinary Ethics Committee suspended Ronaldo for one game and fined him 10,000 rials about 3.6 million won for committing obscene acts during the game,” the global sports media ESPN reported on the 29th.

Ronaldo made obscene gestures three days ago in the 21st round of the Saudi Professional League against Al-Shabaab in the 2023-24 season. Ronaldo, who always started the match, scored on a penalty kick in the 21st minute of the first half and performed a heavy rain ceremony in front of Al-Shabaab home fans.

The stimulation of the audience became a source of concern. Al-Shabaab fans shouted the name of Messi, their rival, when Ronaldo grabbed the ball in the second half. Ronaldo raised his arm and protested, or put his left hand to his ear as if to try more.

Then, he crossed the line. When Taliska scored a goal in the second half, they were happy together but suddenly took actions to highlight his groin with both hands. Ronaldo’s obscene behavior spread through social networking services, sparking controversy.

The Saudi Arabian Football Association held Ronaldo accountable for his actions, and decided to take disciplinary action through its ethics committee. As a result, Ronaldo will not be allowed to play in a home game against Al-Hazm, which will take place on March 1. The ethics committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Association, which has added to the penalty, added that it will not be appealed.

This is not the first time that Ronaldo’s behavior became a problem. In the last season’s match against Al-Hilal, opponents shouted for him like this, and he committed acts that touched his groin. Ronaldo’s behavior was against the Islamic law and sparked considerable criticism. At that time, the situation went without any disciplinary action, but as the same problem was repeated, Ronaldo clearly took issue with the punishment.

Ronaldo is leading the Saudi Arabian league with 22 goals this season. Last year, he was named the player with the most goals. After joining Al Nasr, Ronaldo has scored 34 goals in the league, three in the AFC Champions League ACL and seven in cup competitions. He also scored 10 goals for Portugal, scoring a total of 54. As of this year, Ronaldo surpassed Harry Kane Bayern Munich, Kylian Mbappe Paris Saint-Germain, 52 goals, and Erling Holland 50 goals.

He also scored his first goal through the ACL in the new year of 2024. He scored the finisher in the first leg of the round of 16 that he played with Al-Faiha of the same league. Ronaldo exchanged passes with Marcelo Brozovic at 36th minute of the second half, before giving Al-Nasr an advantage in advancing to the quarterfinals with his sensational non-stop shot.

It was a significant goal. The match against Al-Faiha was Ronaldo’s 1,000th career match. He made his debut at Sporting CP in Portugal in 2002, played for Manchester United England, Real Madrid Spain, and Juventus Italy, and set monumental records in Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo celebrated this and spread his momentum to the league. On the day against Al-Fatech, Ronaldo lightly pushed a grounder cross from the right side of Sultan Al-Ghanam with his right foot at the gate in the 17th minute of the first half. Ronaldo, who scored the goal, enjoyed the joy with his signature heavy rain Siuu ceremony.

According to Talk Sports, a British media outlet, Ronaldo reached his 715th goal overall, excluding penalties for clubs and the Portugal national team. Until last year, Messi had the highest number of NON-PK goals with 714, but now Ronaldo is leading again. Ronaldo has scored 743 goals in 997 games.

Messi and Ronaldo have displayed different performances, but they are still competing to score overall. Messi’s competition continues as the U.S. Major League Soccer MLS opened this season and scored a field goal. 메이저 토토사이트

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