Son Heung-min, Who Is About To Join The National Team For The Asian Cup

I’m sorry to the team and the fans, the national team is such a precious place.

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) led his team to a 2-1 victory by scoring a goal in the home game against Everton in the 18th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 24th.

Son Heung-min also played as a left flanker on the day. He formed an offensive team along with Dejan Kluszewski, Brennan Johnson and Richarlisson. He scored his 11th goal in the league at the 18th minute of the first half when his team was leading 1-0. Johnson’s shot came off Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in a corner kick situation. Son Heung-min connected it with his right foot and scored a goal. He restarted his scoring spree after two games, tying for fourth in the scoring category.

After the match, Son said, “It was a tough match and I felt once again that the score of 2-0 was not safe in the EPL. Everton are also a strong team and have created many chances,” adding, “Given the season, the match against Everton will be extremely helpful. Winning is important in such a match, but we did not give up until the end and won.”

Tottenham ended the first half 2-0 but only tried to block Everton’s strong attack in the second half. Son Heung-min was placed at the forefront of the game after Richarlison was replaced and played the rest of the time. Nevertheless, Tottenham secured three points by keeping a one-goal lead to the end.

Son Heung-min said, “In a game, opponents create chances. Of course, we made mistakes. We have to learn a lot from the reviews,” adding, “In a way, I think it could be the most important game of the season.” In the second half, there were situations where we couldn’t play as planned. Everton led the game as they wanted. Still, I think that not giving up brought about positive results. We have to get better and we will get better. I think we can do better in the style and soccer that we pursue.”

Not only Son Heung-min but also Hitchalisson scored again on the day. It is his third consecutive goal. If Hitchalisson recovers, Son will be able to become much freer. “It is a good situation for strikers to continue to score goals. Confidence is important for Hitchalisson. I am glad that he regained his confidence through scoring. As a player, playing without getting sick is joy and happiness. However, Hitchalisson would know that. To play as a striker for Tottenham right now, you should not be satisfied here. You are trying to do better and training a lot. I think you can do better. If you play with responsibility, you will get good results,” Son advised.

Son is most likely to leave his team for the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup soon. The roster of the Asian Cup will be announced on Friday, and Son will play in the Asian Cup if something special happens, as he is both the captain of the national soccer team and a key resource. However, the timing of joining the national team has not been decided yet.

“I don’t know exactly when to join the team. We are monitoring the situation. It is also important to join the national team. However, even his team seems reluctant to leave the team as a captain. I feel sorry for the fans because it seems that he is absent at a time when there are injured. As I have been a member of the national team for a long time, I know very well how important it is to (the national team). I think we can find a good date by coordinating it well.” 토토사이트


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