“It’s time to hit. I’m counting on that one.”

“Maybe it’s time to hit, I’m counting on that”

LG and KT will play the third game of the Korean Series (best-of-seven) at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on Tuesday. With the series tied at 1-1, Game 3 is a must-win. The winning team has an 88% chance of winning the championship. In the all-time series, the team that wins Game 3 in a 1-1 tie has won the title 15 out of 17 times.

The starting pitchers for Game 3 will be LG’s Im Chan-kyu and KT’s Benjamin. Benjamin is the “LG killer” pitcher.

LG’s starting lineup is Hong Chang-ki (right field), Park Hae-min (center field), Kim Hyun-soo (designated hitter), Austin (first base), Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop), Moon Bo-kyung (third base), Park Dong-won (catcher), Moon Sung-joo (left field), and Shin Min-jae (second base). 바카라사이트 No changes from Game 1. Top hitter Hong Chang-ki remains in the lineup despite going 0-for-8 in Game 2.

“Benjamin throws a fastball and slider pattern anyway, rather than anything special, so I think we need to focus on that first,” Yoon said when asked by reporters before Game 3.

“It’s time to hit, I’m counting on it,”

Yoon said with a laugh. “It’s time for baseball to hit. I’m trusting the flow of baseball. I’ve been weak against Benjamin, but baseball isn’t weak from start to finish, so I think the difference between getting him out and not getting him out is how well you time your fastball slider.”

In 29 games (160 innings) this season, Benjamin is 15-6 with a 3.54 ERA and 157 strikeouts. He pitched six innings of one-run ball against LG in the opener to earn the win, and went on to a dominant 5-0 record with a 0.84 ERA in five games. Against LG, he was exceptional. In 32 1/3 innings, he allowed nine runs (three earned).

He pitched six innings of two-hit, one-run ball on April 1; six innings of five-hit, five-run ball on May 16; five and a third innings of four-hit, two-run ball on July 5; eight innings of three-hit ball on July 25; and seven innings of five-hit, one-run ball on September 6.

Benjamin didn’t fare much better in the NC and playoffs. He allowed three runs in five innings in Game 2 of the playoffs and two runs (one earned) in five innings in Game 5 of the playoffs. His ERA was 3.60. He will start Game 3 of the Korean Series on four days’ rest.

“The weather is a factor,” both managers said.

The temperature in Suwon is expected to be as low as minus 1 degree Celsius, with wind chills that will make it feel even colder. “In cold weather, batters are at a disadvantage compared to pitchers. Especially top hitters and outfielders are at a disadvantage. My ears are already itching,” he said.

He plans to bring in pinch-hitter Kim Min-sung if he has a chance in the middle of the game against left-hander Benjamin. This is when the bottom of the order has a chance. Pil-Seung-jo, who combined for 8⅔ scoreless innings in Game 2, will be on the bullpen today.

“It was important that Yoo pitched more than two innings,” Yeom said. I had to prepare Lee Woo-chan or Choi Dong-hwan, but Young-chan threw fewer pitches and had good control, so I let him keep throwing. I thought about bringing up Deuk-joo for the seventh inning, but I told him that I would change him if he put runners on base, so I had Deuk-joo ready from the seventh inning.”

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