US Open defeat blamed on caddie…McIlroy lashes out at criticism from best friend

Rory McIlroy (NORTHERN IRELAND), who missed out on winning the U.S. Open in June, has hit back at criticism of his caddie.

McIlroy made several critical mistakes, including missing short putts, in the fourth round of the U.S. Open, which ended on June 17 (local time), handing the trophy to Bryce DeChambeau (USA).

Golf pundits criticized McIlroy’s caddie, Harry Diamond, for being overly subservient to McIlroy, saying he should have intervened when McIlroy made poor choices.

McIlroy and his caddie, Diamond, have been friends since childhood. Diamond was McIlroy’s best man at his wedding in 2018.

Golf Digest reported that professional golfer and NBC Sports commentator Smiley Kaufman questioned the caddie’s ability to handle McIlroy’s 15th (par-3) hole, where he made bogey.

“He chose a 7-iron on this hole, and given the flag position and the wind conditions, he should have gone with an 8-iron,” Kaufman said in the podcast, “and the caddie should have stepped in and corrected him.”

Golf instructor Hank Haney added to the criticism, saying, “An experienced caddie like Steve Williams would have prevented McIlroy’s mistake.”

McIlroy, who hasn’t competed since the shock of the U.S. Open loss, hit back at the criticism at a press conference ahead of his start at the Scottish Open, which begins on Nov. 11, saying it’s unfair.

“Heinie or Kaufman have never been in that situation,” McIlroy said, adding, “Critics sometimes say nothing when I’m playing well and only criticize me when I’m not.”

“Critics are not the ones who call the shots and make the decisions,” McIlroy said. If you’re not going to take their advice, you don’t need their criticism,” McIlroy responded.

He also said that he had no regrets about leaving the tournament to avoid the media as soon as the US Open ended with Deschamps winning, “I don’t regret it. There was nothing I could say. It may sound rude, but at that moment, you (reporters) were not my concern,” he said. 해외 카지노 사이트

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