Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee exceeded…Bayern Munich’s 4th-ranked French striker in transfer fee history

Bayern Munich continued to strengthen its power by recruiting Olise.

Bayern Munich announced on Tuesday that it will recruit Olise. Bayern Munich’s contract with Olise runs through June 2029. Bayern Munich continued to reinforce various positions by recruiting new striker Olise from the Crystal Palace and France after recruiting Stuttgart’s Japanese defender Ito last month. Bayern Munich, which had no title for the first time in 12 years last season, has been aggressively recruiting players from the early days of this summer’s transfer market.

Bayern Munich’s Eberle said, “Olise is an outstanding player who has drawn a lot of attention with his style of play. We want new stimulation and energy from the team. During the negotiations, Olyse quickly expressed his desire to join Bayern Munich. We are truly looking forward to his performance.”

“Olise is a fast and threatening scorer and can be used in a wide variety of attacks,” Bayern Munich’s Freund director said. “Olise also has a great record of attack points. He has many potentials.”

Olise, who joined Bayern Munich, said, “The negotiations were very positive and I’m very happy to play for a big club like Bayern Munich. I want to do my part to help our team win as many championships as possible in the next few years.”

Olyse has scored 14 goals and 22 assists in 82 Premier League appearances since his Premier League debut in the 2021-22 season. Olyse is playing for the French Olympic team under Henry. 바카라사이트 추천

Bayern Munich reportedly paid a buyout to Crystal Palace to recruit Olise. German transfer media outlet Transfer Markt mentioned €53 million as a transfer fee for Olise. Oliseh is drawing attention as the fourth highest transfer fee for Bayern Munich, surpassing €50 million for Kim Min-jae.

Bayern Munich is rumored to have recruited diverse players. Portuguese midfielder Palinha, who underwent medical tests for Bayern Munich last year but failed just before the transfer was completed, is expected to join Bayern Munich in the transfer market this summer. Also, rumors are constantly being raised that Bayern Munich recruited Jonathan Thar, a defender who played a leading role in Leverkusen’s undefeated Bundesliga win last season.


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