Batting average 0.352, only 1 defensive error Is Kiwoom Song Seong-moon’s performance correct?

Song Seong-moon transformed from a ‘hard-working player’ to a ‘central player’ Running without getting tired through thorough self-management LG Electronics also hits 3 hits

Song Sung-moon ‘Okay, let’s turn it around again’

Kiwoom Heroes’ veteran infielder Song Seong-moon (28), who made his professional debut in 2015, was a player who had not received much attention until last year.

He has only had one season (2022) where he required at-bats, and has never had a batting average higher than .250 while appearing in more than 100 games.

Song Seong-moon’s name was preceded only by the modifier ‘hard-working player’.

Song Seong-moon, who has endured a time of hardship, is finally beginning to blossom.

He had a batting average of .346, 9 home runs, and 54 RBIs in 76 games through the 1st.

Song Seong-moon, who has filled the required number of at-bats, is ranked 7th in batting average and 8th in on-base percentage (0.411) in the KBO League.

Song Seong-moon, who showed a scary hitting sense at the beginning of the season, did not get tired even after the weather got warmer in June.

Rather, it produced an even more terrifying performance.

He finished third in the league with a batting average of .404 in 24 games.

As Song Seong-moon’s performance continued, his position within the team also changed.

He recently took over as team captain from Kim Hye-seong and also took on the role of fourth hitter.

Song Seong-mun became the center of the heroic legion.

Song Seong-moon is not only good at attacking.

Song Seong-moon, who has gained confidence, shows a completely different side of himself in defense than usual.

Song Seong-moon, who committed 15 errors in 2022 and 10 in 2023, has only made one error this season.

He is playing a variety of defensive roles this season, including third base, his main position, as well as second base and first base, and is helping the team’s pitchers with his watertight defensive skills. 슬롯사이트

Song Seong-moon’s performance continued in the home game against LG Twins held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 2nd.

Song Seong-moon, who started as the 4th batter and 3rd baseman, hit a triple over the center fielder in the bottom of the 3rd inning with the score tied 1-1, and hit a center-field hit in the 5th inning.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, with the score 1-2, with no outs and a runner on second base, he hit a clean tying RBI single against LG’s Jung Woo-young, and scored the winning run when he scored on the RBI single by the next batter, Choi Joo-hwan.

Kiwoom defeated LG 4-2 and extended their winning streak to five games, led by Song Seong-moon, who had three hits in four at-bats, one RBI, one run, and one stolen base.

Song Seong-moon’s season batting average soared to 0.352.

In fact, Song Seong-moon’s activities are filled with efforts and tears that no one knows about.

Ahead of the opening of this season, he made a firm resolution to quit all fried foods, including chicken, which he usually enjoyed, and carbonated drinks, such as cola.

I also increased my weight training time significantly and built muscle.

Song Seong-moon, who prepared for the 2024 season with thorough self-management, is seeing the fruits of his efforts.

Song Sung-moon, who met with reporters after finishing the LG match, said, “I think losing weight and controlling my diet helped me a lot,” and “I’m also getting good results from the physical ability evaluations the team does once a month, and these changes have given me confidence.

He looked back and said, “After last season, I didn’t feel like I was a player that the team needed,” and “I was determined to show something this year because I’m not a player with much experience.”

“I’ve been doing well this year, but it’s not even halfway through the season,” he said. “I’d like to give myself an 80 for the first half. I’ll work harder to get a 100 for the second half.”

When asked, “Do you have any desire to win your first Gold Glove Award?”, he said, “There are many third basemen in the league who are performing well,” and “I would be grateful just to be nominated.” 파칭코 게임

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