Hard Rock Hotels & Casino Launches Playpopun Casino Site

An increasing number of land-based Vegas casinos are coming online by opening sites for play.

They seem like real money-making sites, but they don’t accept bets. But that’s not a problem for casinos; the goal of these sites is not to make money. The casinos are much more interested in establishing a presence in online games and a loyal customer base in the hope that Nevada will eventually legalize online betting.

MGM Mirage and Harah’s already have free sites, and other casino giants are joining the exclusive club. This week, Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino launched a casino site for play.

Developed by Dotcom Entertainment Group, the site allows players to choose play slots, roulette, video poker, crab, blackjack, Caribbean poker, and table poker.

Players can enjoy better-than-average Java games branded as Hard Rock. The games have the look and feel of Vegas, which means players can find lots of pink, turquoise, and purple on the table. 슬롯사이트 순위

This is Dotcom’s first deal with a land-based Vegas casino, which could pave the way for future partnerships – especially if online gambling is approved in the Silver State. Other gaming software companies are likely currently working on a Vegas deal.

More importantly, however, Hard Rock set foot on the Internet casino door before most of the other big Vegas casinos. Brand recognition named Hard Rock will undoubtedly attract customers, and that strong market share, along with the casino’s location as one of the first Vegas casinos to go online, could lead to big money if a real bet is granted.

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