Interim head coach Dohoon Kim seizes both results and content, Yoo Jong Un’s triumph

Kim Do-hoon, who took over as interim head coach of the South Korean national soccer team during a difficult time, has delivered a victory that is a triumph of both results and content.

The South Korean national soccer team, led by interim coach Kim Do-hoon, defeated China 1-0 in their final sixth and final match of Group C of the FIFA Confederations Cup North America 2026 Asian qualifying tournament at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.

The national team has been struggling to find a new head coach after former coach Jürgen Klinsmann was sacked following a poor Asian Cup campaign. Hwang Sun-hong, then head coach of the U-23 national team, took over on an interim basis for the March A match, followed by Kim Do-hoon for the June A match.

Kim had coached the U-20 national team, but had never coached a national team before. He also had some experience as a K League coach. He led Ulsan Hyundai (now Ulsan HD) to FA Cup and Asian Champions League (ACL) titles. However, he was unable to win the league title, finishing as runner-up repeatedly.

Kim tasted league glory in 2021 when he took the helm of Singapore’s Ryan City FC. However, the following year, he left the club midway through the season and was out of the organization for nearly two years.

Fans were worried that Kim would take charge of the national team, even though he was given a ‘temporary’ license, but he put their fears to rest. He showed 먹튀검증 his colors against Singapore and China.

The roster was unconventional. He brought back Jeong Woo-young, the star of the World Cup Round of 16 in Qatar, and deployed veteran Lee Min-kyu up front, while also giving youngsters like Bae Joon-ho and Park Seung-wook a chance to shine and revitalize the competition in the squad.

On the pitch, Kim quenched the fans’ thirst with a clear tactical plan, shaking up his previous pattern of relying heavily on his ace Son Heung-min and deploying Lee Kang-in on the right side as the center of the attack.

Coach Kim Do-hoon made the most of Lee’s passing and decompression abilities. Experienced midfielders such as Hwang In-beom, Lee Jae-sung, and Jung Woo-young also joined Lee in the attack, mainly on the right side.

Then, when the opponent’s defense was crowded, they would pass to the other side. Son Heung-min, on the left, took advantage of the extra space. His speed and finishing ability shone through as he was relieved of the burden of developing the 사설 토토사이트 offense. Coach Kim Do-hoon’s tactical intentions were spot on. It was a perfect example of how Heung-min and Lee Kang-in should coexist.

But that’s as far as Kim’s role goes. “Our team is good at playing counterattacking soccer, but we also have the ability to possess the ball and control the game,” Kim said at the press conference after the China game, “We need to develop the strength to control the game and take courage.”

“If we can improve our positioning and balance while possessing and controlling the ball, we will be able to produce good results with such good players,” he said.

Kim also said, “Being an interim coach was a burden, and there were some difficulties in terms of leading the players,” adding, “I hope it will be my last time as an interim coach of the national team.”


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