Lee Sangheon, who scored 5 goals, pays attention to the exciting dance

Lee Sang-heon’s dance, which scored “five goals,” is also likely to be something to see in the Gangwon FC game.

Gangwon FC defeated Daegu FC 3-0 in the fifth round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” held at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at the Songam Sports Town Main Stadium in Chuncheon. With this victory, Gangwon secured its first win of this season. Daegu bowed its head as it failed to continue its winning streak against Gwangju FC.

Lee Sang-hun, the “crazy guy with form” in the K League 1, has scored multiple goals. Lee Sang-hun, who graduated from Hyundai Middle School and Hyundai High School in Ulsan, drew attention when he joined Ulsan Hyundai. He had a successful loan spell with the Jeonnam Dragons, but he couldn’t completely settle down. He took on a new challenge while going to the Busan I-Park. He came to Gangwon before this season and returned to the K-League 1.

His performance in the early days of this season is amazing. He has played four games and scored five goals, ranking first in the scoring rankings alone. Along with the goal scene on the day, Lee Sang-hun’s movement was very threatening whenever Kangwon made an attack. When Yago was in the center, Lee actively moved around to create offensive routes and worked with left and right Yang Min-hyuk and Wellington.

With Lee Sang-hun’s two goals, Kang won the game 3-0. “I want to play the soccer that my team wants, rather than performing individually,” Lee said in an interview with Mixzone. “I’m trying hard, and that’s when the opportunity comes during the game, and I do my best according to my purpose, which leads to the result,” Lee said humbly.

Did he know he would be so good at soccer when he came to Gangwon Province from the beginning? Lee said, “I was going to play only the soccer that my team wanted. I like that personal result comes along, but I try to become a player who puts more effort into thinking about my team.”

Prior to the season, Lee said his goal was 10 offensive points. He played only four games and is already halfway there. “My goal has not gone up. I have a lot of games left. I don’t want to be satisfied with that. Personal records are important, but I want to play the soccer that my team wants well,” Lee said.

After scoring, Lee performed a popular dance on Instagram and TikTok. He drew attention by dancing excitedly with Lee. Lee said, “(Lee) Ki-hyuk is my junior in middle and high school. We exercise together every time, and we live together. If there is a hot dance in Reels, I often dance together, but since I asked him to dance with me today, he accepted. I didn’t prepare it,” Lee said with a smile.

“If the team is relaxed, I will keep dancing. Still, I don’t think it’s a stage to take it easy just yet. Today, the team itself was relaxed, so I did it naturally,” he added. 메이저 토토사이트

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