The Blossom Afternoon Tea & Chocolate Fondue Set

Park Hyatt Busan Lounge has launched a spring limited menu. Park Hyatt Busan Lounge will introduce “Bloom Afternoon Tea & Chocolate Fondoo Set” featuring flowers from June 6.

“Bloom afternoon tea & chocolate fondue set” will be provided on a tray made of Gwangan Bridge motif. It will consist of homemade scones, sweet selections, sabori selections and two drinks.

The selection includes “white chocolate mousse” in the shape of pink spring flowers, “mango fashion furt mousse” with fashion furt sauce that adds color, and “salt caramel pinancier” topped with red petal chocolate. A variety of seasonal fruits and dark chocolate fondue are also prepared.

The Savory Selection consists of “Tomato Goat Cheese Caprese,” which has a harmonious tomato bean curd and cheese flavor, “Lobster Gum Tangerine Dalloy Kishi,” which spreads the scent of dallae, a representative spring vegetable, and “Croissant Sandwich,” which is savory by Bochini cheese and Chamnamul pesto.

You can choose two cups of coffee or tea, and you can change spring limited drinks such as rose cream soda, rich ade, and apple chamomile tea to discounted prices.

The “Bloom Afternoon Tea & Chocolate Fondue Set” is available daily from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the lounge located on the 30th floor of the hotel. 메이저 토토사이트


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