Change Led by San Francisco Coach Bob Melvin

Change Led by San Francisco Coach Bob Melvin… Everyone Bows During the National Anthem

Even players who are not playing in MLB exhibition games are ordered to watch the game… ‘Emphasis on one team’

The American media paid attention to the changes led by Coach Bob Melvin,

who took the helm of the American Professional Baseball (MLB) San Francisco Giants.

On the 5th (Korean time), The Athletic, an online sports media outlet, USA Today,

a national magazine, and Mercury News, a local magazine,

introduced some of the team management principles set by Coach Melvin on the 5th (Korean time).

According to reports, San Francisco players follow Coach Melvin’s instructions and line up on the grass in front of the dugout during the national anthem before the game. 카지노

Even players who are not playing in exhibition games must watch the game from the dugout for a few innings, and players like Lee Jeong-hoo,

who are coming to the big league spring camp for the first time,

must remain in their seats until the end of the game.

During exhibition games, players who do not play usually train separately or go home regardless of the game if they complete their training program early.

However, due to the changed regulations, the San Francisco dugout is now crowded with players.

After seeing this scene, The Athletic likened the San Francisco dugout to being filled with more players than when the Yamanote Line of the Tokyo subway in Japan was crowded.

Coach Melvin’s principle can be interpreted as emphasizing one team.

The sight of all players standing in line during the national anthem is not a rare scene in the major leagues,

but the American media is paying more attention to it because it is different from San Francisco under former manager Gabe Kepler.

Creating a sense of unity during the national anthem is something that current Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy,

who brought San Francisco three World Series championship trophies, considered it important.

Former coach Kepler made a political statement by not kneeling or forming a line during the national anthem in protest when black people died due to deep-rooted racial discrimination in American society and gun violence occurred with no sign of resolution. expressed.

San Francisco is the most liberal city in America.

Unlike former coach Kepler, coach Melvin emphasized that when he was in charge of the Oakland Athletics and San Diego, he asked all players to stand in line during the national anthem, and that this was unrelated to political will.

“Having them lined up for the national anthem only means we are ready to play,” said Coach Bob Melvin.

“It’s a very simple thing to do, to let other teams know that we are a whole new team and our players are ready to play.” “He explained.

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