Arsenal Women’s Team Ahead Of EPL 10 Clubs On Average

An average of 34,000 tickets sold in eight home games this season

Arsenal of the English Women’s Super League WSL surpassed 10 English professional football Premier League EPL clubs in average attendance.

ESPN reported on the 6th that Arsenal sold an average of 34,997 tickets to their home games this season.

Compared to the average attendance figures of each EPL club, it ranks 11th after Everton.

The average number of EPL spectators this season is 38,470, with 10 EPL teams including Brighton and Hove Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Burnley, Brentford, Luton Town and Bournemouth.

Arsenal held five of their eight home games this season at 60,000-seat Emirates Stadium and three at 4,500-seat Meadows Park.

The cumulative home attendance was 279,974 and sold out three times.

It is already up 63% from the total sales of tickets for 11 games played at home last season.

On the 18th of last month, as many as 60,160 people entered the home game against Manchester United, setting a new WSL record.

Then, on the 3rd, the North London derby against Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, won 1-0, with 60,50 people entering.

“I remember Dennis Bergkamp retired, Netherlands saying that he is not just rooting for the team for players, club history, and trophies, but for the team he feels belong to,” Arsenal manager Jonas Eideval said in an interview after the game.

“I am very proud that it has become a place where more than 60,000 people feel a sense of belonging,” he said. “Fans who consider Emirates Stadium as their home visit the stadium and cheer for the team.”

Arsenal 34 points is third among the 12 WSL teams, trailing Chelsea 37 points in first place and Manchester City 37 points. 메이저사이트

Arsenal also plan to play the match against Leicester City on the 20th or 21st of next month at the Emirates Stadium.

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