Kim Jae-hwan and Oh Jae-il revive their careers?

With the elimination of the shift, can Kim Jae-hwan and Oh Jae-il revive their careers?

The KBO is set for big changes in 2024. Pitch clock and penalty kicks will be suspended, but robotic umpires will be introduced. The base sizes will also be increased to prevent player injuries and encourage aggressive base running.

There’s also the elimination of defensive shifts, which has gotten a lot less attention. This is a big deal. It can have a huge impact on team and player performance.

Shifts are complicated. In fact, even if the shift is eliminated, defenders don’t stay in one spot, they’re constantly moving to suit the situation and the batter, and it’s very complicated to interpret whether it’s a shift or not. However, what fans can easily understand is that you will no longer see a shortstop or third baseman defending the right side of the second base. 바카라사이트 It’s simple to understand that infielders cannot move from their original position to the other side of the second base.

A typical shift would be a full defense between first and second base. One of the shortstops or third basemen would move between the first and second bases to create a tight defensive net with the existing second baseman in case a hard-hitting lefty pulls.

You might think that you can just hit the ball to the empty third base area, but that’s a matter of pride. Unless it’s the last out of a tie game in the Korean Series, hitters don’t give up their pull balls.

The problem is that the space is small, and the chances of getting a hit are definitely reduced.

Doosan Bears’ Kim Jae-hwan and Samsung Lions’ Oh Jae-il are two examples of batters who have suffered from this. While some teams don’t use shifts, many have gone to extreme lengths to shift these two hitters.

Coincidentally, both veteran sluggers have struggled in recent years. Kim Jae-hwan hit 23 home runs in the 2022 season, but his batting average dropped to 2.248. Last season, his numbers plummeted to 2.22 and 10 home runs. The same goes for Oh. His batting average, which was in the late 20s and early 30s, dropped to 2.688 in 2022 and then to 2.038 last season. His home runs also dropped to 11.

The shift can’t be blamed solely for their decline. Stronger opponents, aging curves, etc. could also be responsible. But the shift could have had a big impact. 토토사이트 순위 It’s not just a matter of forgetting a hit, it’s a matter of being mentally exhausted when a pitch that should have been a hit turns into a walk, and it can be the start of a long slump.

Gone is the right-center field defense that’s been hanging over their heads. They’ll be able to bat more comfortably. However, they are now 36 and 38 years old. It”s possible that their swing speeds will decline in different years. This could be the season that determines what caused the decline.


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