‘Nowhere to back down’ Colin Bellho’s stance, “Like it’s a tournament”

  • Korea, World Cup 2nd match against Morocco on the 30th
  • Must win against Morocco without losing 1 game
  • Coach Colin Bell, “I know what’s at stake”

There is no place to retreat from the Korean women’s national soccer team.

South Korea, led by head coach Colin Bell, will play its second Group H match against Morocco at 1:30 p.m. on the 30th at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia.

South Korea (0 points), which currently has one loss, is third in the group after Germany and Colombia (3 points), which have won their first victory. A victory over Morocco is essential to win the round of 16 tickets given only to the first and second place in the group.

Morocco, ranked 72nd in the FIFA rankings, is the lowest in Group H in terms of rankings. There is also a significant gap with Korea, which ranks 17th. Morocco, making its first appearance in the World Cup, suffered a 0-6 defeat to Germany in the first round.

Mistakes have often been made due to lack of experience. It also revealed weaknesses in side cross and set-play defense. The goalkeeper’s handling of the ball in the air was also unstable. South Korea needs to reorganize its battle lines to further push forward the shrinking Morocco.

South Korea bowed in front of the jinx in the first round. He has been silent with all three losses and no points in his first World Cup match in the past three times, but he has not recovered from the match against Colombia.

South Korea also faces a jinx in the second round. South Korea has no victory in the second round of the previous three World Cups with one draw and two losses. In 2003 and 2019, they lost to Norway (1-7 losses) and Nigeria (0-2 losses), respectively. In 2015, he won the only point in a 2-2 draw with Costa Rica.

It is noteworthy that it achieved a dramatic turnaround in 2015 when it won points. At that time, South Korea lost the first round and drew with Costa Rica in the second round. In the third round, they beat Spain to advance to the round of 16. Through the second game, he set the stage for a turnaround and wrote a miracle.

Bell’s determination is unique. “I know what’s at stake in the match against Morocco,” he said on the 28th, adding, “In a way, I think I’m starting the tournament right away from this game.”

“I want to stay at the World Cup venue for a long time,” Bell said. “To do that, we have to do our best to take advantage of the possibility.” In addition, he stressed, “If you beat Morocco, it is of course good, and you should at least win points.”

Regarding the bitter defeat against Colombia, he summarized, “I tended to be calm when I had to speed up the game and hurry when I had to be calm,” and said, “In fact, it is common not only in our team but also in other countries.” “Australia, the host country, also lost to Nigeria,” he said adding, “It seems to have become a competition where there are no candidates for the championship or a team with a power advantage.” 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, South Korea was in Group E along with Myanmar, the Philippines, and Hong Kong as a result of the Hangzhou Asian Games group formation held the previous day. As the Asian Games will be held in September, we have to start preparing without a break.

Coach Bell said, “I found out which team I’m playing against,” but added, “I’m only focusing on the really big tournament called the World Cup.” “I’m only looking at this tournament,” he said, adding, “I’ll focus all my attention on the World Cup.”

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